The leadership team at St James, Lockleaze approached us to provide some help with mentoring their youth leader and some consultancy for their youth work.


Over the last three years, BSC has helped mentor and coach various members of St James Church with regards to their work with children and young people in their local schools and community. We have provided specific coaching, training and consultancy for: whole-school Christmas and Easter services in the church; assemblies; Light Stop (a Halloween alternative); a Falcon holiday (residential for young people in Pembrokeshire); day trips with the young people; and prayer spaces in schools. It has been a privilege to get to know members of the church and see them successfully organise and host different events.


BSC has been an amazing support in a number of ways.  The two main areas were:  supporting our work with our local primary school as we plan and present assemblies; and helping us put a team together and plan for our own Falcon camp. Their knowledge, understanding , experience and support was invaluable as we navigated our way through new initiatives.

– Jo Moule 2017