Emelye Chanot asked if we would help her run an Easter Trail at Totterdown Baptist Church for the school her children attend and two other local schools. Since then, the church has appointed Rachel Wright as Children’s Minister. Along with Rachel and Sian, another local parent, Emelye has also gone on to host Prayer Spaces in one of the local schools.


Jane provided coaching and mentoring support to Emelye as she headed up the Easter Trail project with the help of Laurie Burns, the Minister of the church.  BSC worked to envision and equip the team with the resources they need and a training evening that Jane, Emelye and Laurie ran. Emelye worships at Christ Church Clifton and had previously been involved in primary school trails with the team there. BSC facilitated a partnership between Christ Church and Totterdown Baptist church so that resources were shared and experienced members of the team at Christ Church joined in the running of the trail at Totterdown.  The Trail was a huge success and ran for three days.  It was also open one afternoon for children to bring their parents to. Totterdown Baptist Church were thrilled with how well it went and ran their second Easter Trail in 2017 with much less input from BSC and Christ Church.  In 2018 they ran their third Easter Trail on their own, which went extremely well and received very positive feedback from the schools.  Building on the links made through the Easter Trails – Emelye, Rachel and Sian attended BSC’s training on Prayer Spaces in Schools, and subsequently have ran a couple of very successful Prayer Spaces in the local school.  Both the Easter Trail and the Prayer Spaces have helped to form deeper, positive connections between local church and schools.


I have relied on BSC as I have learnt to lead teams in schools outreach work, especially Christmas and Easter experience and prayer spaces. It has been wonderful to journey through the joys and the hard work with Jane.

– Emelye Chanot 2017

As a new Children’s and Families Worker, BSC provided the encouragement, support and training that I needed.  I continue to benefit from their committed prayers and challenging inspiration tailored to my church’s needs and what God is doing.

– Rachael Wright 2017