What we do

What we do

Bringing churches and schools together

We provide coaching, training and consultancy to churches who wish to connect with their local schools, and develop a supportive relationship.

We develop long-term coaching relationships with individuals or teams within churches to equip them to serve their local school appropriately.

We help schools to reimagine spiritual development and equip the local church to contribute in a relevant and credible way.

The educational world is constantly changing – we connect schools and churches in order to capitalise on the resources within church communities to enrich spiritual aspects of school life in ways that are appropriate to the school’s ethos and the broader educational context.

How we do it

Coaching – we develop ongoing relationships with churches and individual church members who wish to develop a positive relationship with their local school. Each school/church partnership is different. Where the relationship is new or non-existent, we provide advice about how to get started and aim to remain involved in a faciliatory capacity until the relationship is thriving or for as long as desired. If a church already has a relationship with the school, we can bring fresh ideas and resources to revitalise the partnership and provide opportunities for spiritual enrichment.

Training – we host regular training events in a variety of resources, including: Christmas in a Box; Easter in a Box – The Movie; Christmas and Easter Trails; Prayer Spaces in Schools; and other events which the church is well-placed to provide at various times of the year. Our training always involves guidance on the most recent relevant changes to education and schools practice as well as safeguarding procedures.

Consultancy – we provide advice and a fresh pair of eyes when churches are looking for new ways of connecting with their local schools and community.